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Better information. Better yields.

UAV-IQ is a precision agriculture company that saves cost and improves yields for its clients by leveraging emerging drone technology to collect multispectral imagery (or data), then analyze it and deliver it via collaborative web and mobile tools

We Offer an Affordable, Comprehensive Solution

On Request Data Collection

Collect your data when the growth cycle dictates. Receive discounted flights by signing up for annual subcription.

Analysis and Storage

Receive industry leading analysed imagery. For your first flight, we'll pay for a personal consultation to guide your use of the imagery We'll store your data at no additional charge - for life.

Mobile Management Tools

Our mobile applications let you use your imagery in the field. Share your data and collaborate with stakeholders regardless of where they are located.

The WineFlight Advantages For

Vineyard Consultants

  • Spend less time commuting
  • Request inspections
  • Evaluate more data

Vineyard Managers

  • Share data with stakeholders
  • Better informed decisions
  • Save costs, raise yields


  • Track varietals & vineyards
  • Assess blending options
  • Buy with confidence



Request Inspections

Easily Compare Different Imagery

Record & Share Observations


WineFlight provides the actionable information required to make confident, accurate decisions:

  • Micro & macro crop health
  • Irrigation issues
  • Pests and bacterial threats
  • Crop uniformity
  • Trend analysis
  • Effectiveness of expensive solutions

Utilizing WineFlight provides for:

  • Improved variable rate cultivation
  • Improved quality and uniformity of blocks
  • Harvest planning
  • More blending options
  • Higher potential returns
  • Maintenance of brand reputation
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Better collaboration between vineyards, consultants and winemakers


The return on investment for early adopters using aerial imagery for precision viticulture is exiciting...and well documented "International studies indicate that with incremental costs between 0.5-2%, wine value returns [can increase] by > 80%."
Australian & New Zealand Grape Grower & Winemaker Magazine

How it Works

UAV-IQ utilizes small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to scout a growing area using multispectral sensors. Customers receive overnight turnaround on the imagery that can pinpoint individual problems and identify trends.

How it Works


WineFlight offers tiered pricing scaled to provide an affordable solution to clients of all sizes. Let’s discuss what plan suits you best



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